Russian is Real — Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Russian is Real — Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

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Russia is a country with a huge technological and intellectual potential. Then why do we have so few innovative projects with a strong position on the global market? One of the founders of BAKE IT company that is helping technological start-ups to get into the global market sees a number of reasons. Most important are lack of skills in product integration into the world economy and lack of clear positioning of the Russian technologies. Participation of Russian start-ups in the global fairs is seldom of any success and a lot of myths and barriers in respect to the country prevent the Russian technologies from integration with the mass market.

BAKE IT company, with its high competencies, decided to position the Russian Engineering on the global stage and build a foundation for efficient realization of Russian start-ups. Our agency was chosen as a partner for performance of this task. Since the very first days, we started cooperative immersion into the industry and generation of ideas that would help to build the project. We were looking for a simple message that would be interesting for investors around the world and at the same time would be absolutely true and convey our character and ambitions.

History does not lie — Russian engineers are just unable to fake it before they make it. Moreover, deep inside they think the hype around technological solutions is something shameful and marketing is a speculation. If a task seems unsolvable but its solutions may change the world, Russians can do anything. For us, the Russians, it is important to do something true. Something real.

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