O3 — Rebranding for a protective materials company

O3 — Rebranding for a protective materials company

What we done
Research, Analytics / Brand Platform / Brand Architecture / Visual Identity / Design Marketing Materials / Brand Identity Guideline

O3 company is the largest manufacturer of protective materials in Russia that is providing industrial services for construction and safe operation of industrial facilities. The reason for our meeting and working with the company was the launch of a line of decorative materials.

We performed a series of in-depth interviews, studied the environment of the company and made a conclusion that the work shall be started with renovation of the master brand of O3. Define the identical positioning and the values that would correspond with the spirit of the time and be relevant for the target audience of the brand, visualize the messages, and update the visual identity — these were the tasks we assigned to our project team for the client.

Commitment to sustainable consumption, environmental and social responsibility became the key messages of O3 brand. As soon as we defined that, the client’s project team chose the sustainable development goals of United Nations to serve as a basis for their own development. And we, having defined the values, character and principle attributes of the brand, started to work on the visual identity.

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