Guesta — Brand development for a hospitality management company

Guesta — Brand development for a hospitality management company

What we done
Research, Analytics / Brand Platform / Brand Architecture / Visual Identity / Design Marketing Materials

First, a few hostels were opened in Ekaterinburg the concept of which was immediately appreciated by tourists. When the young team started to operate not only hostels but also some hotels of various formats, it became necessary to unite them under a single brand. This resulted in establishment of Guesta management company—a team of like-minded people who once agreed to create people’s experiences through their projects in hospitality industry.

By the moment of meeting the agency, the visioners from Guesta teams have already come to established philosophy and working principles. We only had to immerse ourselves into the atmosphere and internal processes of the company, evaluate correctness of the chosen direction together with the client, and document it in the form of the brand platform.

Visual identity of the brand was development with regard to the values of the company as defined by the agency: Actuality, flexible management, and empathy. The corporate graphic design is based on circles that repeat the forms of letter “g” from the name Guesta. And the photo style bears a young, positive character or attributes of modern life.

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