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Location: Russia, Yekaterinburg

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Anna Raskova, Director
Anna Raskova
Ilya Tumaikin, Art director
Ilya Tumaikin
Art director
Michael Ankudinov, Brand Strategist
Michael Ankudinov
Brand Strategist
Alexander Ryazanov, Project manager
Alexander Ryazanov
Project manager
Albina Khasanyanova, Graphic designer
Albina Khasanyanova
Graphic designer
Konstantin Simonov, 3D Visualization
Konstantin Simonov
3D Visualization
Polina Molchanova, Graphic designer
Polina Molchanova
Graphic designer
Kirill Turygin, Graphic designer
Kirill Turygin
Graphic designer
Анна Позднякова, Менеджер SMM-проектов
Анна Позднякова
Менеджер SMM-проектов
Kate Krestyaninova, Content Manager
Kate Krestyaninova
Content Manager