Renue — Brand identity

Renue — Brand identity

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(Ru) Исследования, аналитика / Платформа бренда / Тональность бренда / Нейминг, слоган / Визуальная айдентика / Дизайн носителей

Thinking about future — acting now.

IT-technology. The leading branding agency in Yekaterinburg has developed new corporate brand in IT-industry.

What yesterday seemed impossible, today becomes ordinary. Purchases from abroad come by mail in few days, and issuance of the most important documents takes few hours. These changes are due to people. Programmers who create algorithms for public systems that make our life easier and more convenient.

The task of project was to create an HR-brand capable attracting such specialists. A brand that can convey to the future employees both rational advantages in the IT company, and emotional benefit from cooperation with the employer.

Having determined the insight of future IT-specialists, we created a brand platform. Its main value is influence to surrounding world, updating it, making it easier and more understandable. This value can be traced in verbal and visual identification. On its basis: e ective communication and activation tools.

Brand strategy: Mikhail Ankudinov
Art-director: Ilya Tumaikin
Designer: Albina Khasanyanova, Ilya Tumaikin
Project manager: Ekaterina Savelieva

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