POSTBURO — Brand identity

POSTBURO — Brand identity

What we done
(Ru) Исследования, аналитика / Платформа бренда / Нейминг, слоган / Тональность бренда / Визуальная айдентика / Дизайн носителей

Time is one of the most valuable human resources. None of us can not fill it, but able to used it effectively and not to waste it for nothing. Company POSTBURO® gives such opportunity. You decide when it’s convenient to use the postal services, and office employees make the most productive meeting. No queues and no questions — just tell what you want to send.

The main project task was need to identify and convey to the consumer the main difference from the competition — well-established business processes allowing to get quick and convenient postal service. At the same time keep the customer’s attention on the vast knowledge and experience of POSTBURO® employees.

Solving tasks, we made a comprehensive analysis of the market environment, allowed to formulate an effective and logical platform brand, and also highlight the available verbal and color zones. These steps gave support to the creation of name and full corporate identity. Closing the entire spectrum arising during the creation of new brand problems, we developed interiors design of the future post offices.

Creative Director: Mikhail Ankudinov
Art-director: Ilya Tumaikin
Designers: Ilya Tumaikin, Albina Khasanyanova,
Konstantin Simonov, Kirill Elchischev
Project manager: Ira Safina

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